Molly’s Favorites

Quick & Easy

These easy recipes fight chronic inflammation and only take 30 minutes r less to make. Enjoy your food and the health benefits that come with eating anti-inflammatory foods. 

Salmon Recipes

Salmon is a fatty fish, so it’s full of fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a large part of the mediterranean diet, just like olive oil, because it’s rich in healthy fats. 

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Veggie-Packed Dinners

Cruciferous vegetables have anti-inflammatory compounds and adding leafy vegetables or dark leafy greens (like in salads) will give you added nturients.

Dairy-Free Dinners

We love to use coconut milk or cashew cream instead of heavy cream in creamy dishes and pastas. The whole family will love these delicious recipes!

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Recipes that Fight Inflammation

These anti-inflammatory recipes focus on foods that support the immune system and nourish your body to fight and prevent chronic diseases. These meals all feature anti-inflammatory ingredients like avocado, sweet potatoes, and whole grains (like brown rice).

Tomato-Based Recipes

According to Harvard Health, tomatoes have great anti-inflammatory benefits. Try one if these healthy recipes for dinner tonight!

Recipes with Beans

Black beans, white beans, and other types of beans are a great sources of fiber and perfect for an anti-inflammatory meal. Omit the cheese as a topping or swap it for vegan cashew queso.

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