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anti-inflammatory diet

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Why I Wrote This Book

My hope is that the recipes in this book bless your home and your bodies.

Whatever season you’re walking through, whether it be a difficult diagnosis, journey to feel better, or way to get easy dinners on the table, I want this book to be a tool to help you feel your best and nourish your bodies with recipes you (and your family) look forward to making. 

These recipes do so much more than fill your stomach with yummy food—although they sure do that, too!  They have the power to heal and the power to bring people together.

anti-inflammatory diet

What the Experts Are Saying

“Making the decision to eat gluten and dairy free can feel overwhelming. This book, which is filled with simple and delicious recipes makes the process easy. It’s full of approachable meals that are created to energize and support your healing.”

-Dr. Brighten, author of Beyond the Pill

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What You’ll Find Inside

Each chapter is well thought out and created so everyone will be able to find something they love. The recipes are inspired by other cultures, family traditions and staples in our home.

anti-inflammatory diet

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anti-inflammatory diet

Increase your overall wellness by decreasing inflammation in your body with over 100 delicious recipes featuring anti-inflammatory foods.

You’ve probably heard the term “inflammation” before, but you may not understand how it affects the way you feel every day. By reducing inflammation, your body can function at its full potential and reduce the symptoms of inflammation-caused issues like digestive problems, hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, and mood disorders.


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Made Simple makes following an anti-inflammatory diet easy and delicious by introducing its staples and explaining its benefits. With recipes featuring inflammation-fighting leafy greens, fermented foods, and healthy fats high in omega-3s, you will discover key ingredients that decrease chronic inflammation in your body and improve how you feel every day.

anti-inflammatory diet


anti-inflammatory diet