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How to Convert Slow Cooker Recipes to Instant Pot

Take any of your favorite slow cooker recipes and make them in the pressure cooker in a fraction of the time!

  1. Make sure you have at least 1 cup of cooking liquid to avoid the burn notice (you may need to put the ingredients on the steamer rack). 
  2. Make sure the recipe doesn’t fill more than 2/3 of the way full. Adjust your recipe so you have enough room in the instant pot to pressure cook the rice.
  3. Omit ingredients that don’t work under pressure like dairy ingredients. Save milk, heavy cream, sour cream, and other dairy until the end. Additionally, save thickeners (like cornstarch) until the end, too. 
  4. Finally, adjust the cook time. Most meat that takes 6-8 hours in the slow cooker will take 30 minutes in the electric pressure cooker. The only exception is chuck roast—that cut of beef takes 60 minutes to break down all the connective tissue so it falls apart.

Chicken Instant Pot Recipes

These are the best instant pot recipes when you have chicken breast to use up (thawed or frozen)! One of the best things about these recipes is that they’re all made in the one pot and the whole family will love them!

Quick and Easy Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipes

Fall Apart Beef and Pork Recipes

Use the instant pot pressure cooker to make meat is one of my favorite reasons to pull it out. Toss pulled pork with your favorite barbecue sauce and enjoy the most tender fall-apart meat in under an hour!

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