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This post is your one stop shop to help you find the best PCOS resources. All of these come from trusted doctors and women who have been treating PCOS for a long time. If you’ve been overwhelmed with where to learn more about healing PCOS naturally, this will give you everything you need!

the best resources to heal pcos naturally
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I get it. I was diagnosed with PCOS in the summer of 2018 and I went home frustrated and confused. But also excited because I finally knew what was wrong with me and I felt like I could finally start healing with a specific plan since I knew what was wrong.

The problem was, the amount of information out there can be OVERWHELMING. So many articles, books, podcasts, websites, bloggers and more. I just wanted someone to tell me what to read, where to find it, and go from there.

So here it is. Your one-stop-shop for every trusted PCOS resource you need to make a game plan and start your healing process.

pcos resources for healing naturally

The Best PCOS Resources to Heal Naturally

  • Woman Code | This book gave me so much information about PCOS, managing blood sugar and the right supplements to take. I remember telling everyone about this book and I finished it feeling so empowered and excited to start healing.
  • Body Love | This book is a deep dive into balancing blood sugar and why it’s critical to our health and hormones. It teaches you t eh science behind it in an easy way and includes recipes you will love.
  • The Period Repair Manual | Buckle up for a little bit of a science lesson but holy cow this book was hands down the best resource I found for PCOS. So much amazing information about reversing symptoms naturally, why certain supplements work and so much more. If you read one book, read this.
  • Beyond the Pill | This book is mainly focused on life after hormonal birth control, but there’s an entire section on PCOS and showing you it IS POSSIBLE to reverse your symptoms naturally.
  • Dr. Jolene Brighten | She wrote Beyond the Pill and has been a trusted resrouce for me when it comes to all things healing hormones. She’s helped countless women with PCOS reverse symptoms naturally. Check out her PCOS archives to learn more. She also has a line of AMAZING supplements I highly recommend.
  • A few trusted bloggers | I’ve found a few bloggers that are living proof that you can reverse PCOS symptoms naturally, because they did it themselves. I’m one of them! Check out my PCOS archives for how I’ve healed naturally. Also check out Root and Revel and Lee From America.
  • A functional doctor | I saw a functional NP and it was a huge reason why I was able to reverse my PCOS symptoms. In fact, after seeing my doctor just one time I started getting consistent 28-day cycles. I saw Julie Grafmeyer CNP with CAPS’ Wellness Center so definitely check her out if you live in Ohio!

That’s all! Take your time and don’t feel overwhelmed like you have to read them right now. It’s a process to heal so be patient with yourself!

I know we all don’t have hours and hours to read everything, which is why this is a condensed list of my top 3 books, top 3 websites and of course a doctor who believes in you. I believe in you too!

the best pcos resources

How I Reversed my PCOS Naturally:

I’m so happy to say that I’ve reversed a lot of my PCOS symptoms and can share exactly how I did it. I started getting regular, 28-day cycles for six months and we conceived our first child on the first try! I also managed, anxiety, acne, weight gain and more. Here’s how!

  1. Started eating an anti-inflammatory diet and managed my blood sugar through diet
  2. Took a food sensitivity test (get 20% off!) to learn what specific foods caused inflammation for me
  3. Learned as much as I could about PCOS (hint: all of these resources!)
  4. Saw a functional NP who gave me a personalized plan based on bloodwork
  5. Started taking PCOS supplements
  6. Switched to a non-toxic skincare routine
  7. Watched my adrenals by doing less high-stress workout and switching from coffee to matcha
  8. Tried seed cycling for hormones and fertility (we conceived our daughter the first month I did this!)

This was all over a year-long process, so be patient and stick to it! You can heal!

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pcos resources
pcos resources

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