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My simple, everyday clean makeup routine is non-toxic and hormone friendly. If you’re looking to clean up your skincare and makeup, this simple routine will help you choose some of your favorite products.

non toxic makeup routine for pcos
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Makeup is a very personal thing and everyone will have different products they love, but I wanted to share what I absolutely love and my routine right now.

What is clean beauty?

The term “clean beauty” is subjective. What may be clean according to my standards may not be clean to you. Generally, clean makeup is free from a lot of the 1300 chemicals that are banned in a lot of Europe, but not in the US. Learn even more about clean beauty here. I shared a full post on chemical specifics.

Why I choose clean beauty:

I was diagnosed with PCOS and started a journey to reversing my symptoms naturally through lifestyle changes. Among those are my anti-inflammatory diet, my supplements, my skincare routine and my makeup routine. I’ve shared so much about my journey I wanted to share my everyday makeup that fits into my PCOS lifestyle.

How toxic ingredients affect hormones:

According to Dr. Brighten, “Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) mimic your natural hormones, but give you none of the same benefits. They affect things like your adrenals and thyroid, estrogen and progesterone. This can lead to an overall imbalance in your hormones.”

My Non-Toxic Makeup Routine:

What my clean beauty routine:

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