Can I use your photos on my blog or website?

Of course! I’m flattered you’d like to use my photos and you do not need to email me to ask. Please just give credit to me by linking to the page where the recipe for that photo can be found.

Can I use your recipes on my blog or website?

Not at this time. Please do not republish my post or recipe text without my consent in any format. This type of action negatively impacts how What Molly Made is viewed by search engines and causes copyright issues. If you’re inspired to make and publish a recipe based on one of mine, I’m honored and happy to hear that. Please link directly to the recipe you were inspired by and make sure that nothing is copied directly. Please contact me if you have any questions about how to cite a recipe properly.

I made a recipe and it didn’t work. What went wrong?

I work really hard to develop my recipes and maker every effort to share reliable recipes on WMM. I do my best to provide very clear instructions in my blog post and the recipe, so please read both before beginning! However, sometimes things don’t work out and it could be because of a number of factors: if any ingredient has expired, measuring technique, the temperature of the ingredients, the temperature of your pan or oven, altitude or human error. Please contact me with what exactly was unsatisfactory about the recipe and I will work to troubleshoot so you can have success the next time you bake.

What happens to all the food?

I test every one of my recipes and would never publish anything that I’m not proud to take to a family dinner. Thought I try every recipe I don’t always finish the entire batch. My boyfriend eats a lot of the healthy baked goods. I also take a lot of it to work and across the street from my apartment complex to a home for people who are down on their luck. I believe a simple baked good means much more than just baking. It means you thought about the person and spent your time and energy baking it show you care and that speaks volumes when you give it away to other.


What is your favorite thing to make?

My absolute favorite recipe is a classic chocolate chip pudding cookie. It took me 5 years to perfect this chocolate chip pudding cookie and it’s never fails. Soft, warm cookies oozing with chocolate  is my love language. They’re soft and chewy when they come out of the oven and stay that way for days. The best part?! You can freeze the dough OR the baked cookies for 3 months after it’s made.

What’s your favorite part about food blogging?

I have two favorites! I’m in LOVE with food photography. It’s my favorite creative outlet and it inspires me every day. I also love connecting with readers and other food bloggers! What other platform allows me to connect with someone who shares the same passion about baking as me across the country (and sometimes the world)!? So cool.

Do you take all of your own photos?

Yep, every single one. I fell in love with food photography and find great joy in baking, styling, shooting and editing all of the recipes on my blog. Interested in working together? Contact me for freelance work!

Is blogging your full-time job?

Yes! I’ve been blogging full time here at What Molly Made since 2018. My husband recently joined me full time and we run WMM together! I do all of the recipe testing, photography, writing, SEO and Pinterest and he does all of our video, email and other social media. You can read more about us here.

Do you ever work with brands or companies?

I do! I only work with brands I truly believe in and wouldn’t already support. Innovating and creating new and unique recipes with brands I love is one of my favorite things. Find more information about how I collaborate with brands here.

Do you have any cookbooks?

I do have a cookbook! It came out in July 2021 and it’s called The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Made Simple. You can order it here!

Wasn’t your blog called something else?

Yes. When I first started blogging, I called this site “Bests and Bites.” My best friend and I started it to share recipes and keep in touch. I found my passion through this little corner of the internet and had a vision to share all of my recipes with all of you. We’re still the very best of friends (and have been for 23 years) but we decided to change direction so I could focus on my passion and she could focus on her career in the medical field.

Food Blogging

How To Start A Food Blog

When I started my blog I spent hours and hours reading, learning and collecting information to start and improve every aspect of my blog. I thought it would be helpful to offer up all of the information, products and resources I’ve used to get started and continue to grow. See my Food Blogging Resources page to learn more.

Anything else?

Random thoughts

Every act, big or small can make an impact on someone’s day. Don’t underestimate the power of a kind word or a small gesture.

Try not to tie your identity to your work. I used to do this and it made life challenging because any time a post didn’t turn out the way I wanted or I didn’t say the right words in an email I felt like I was a bad person. It’s not about what you’re doing, it’s about who you’re becoming. I still try my very best but know I’m not defined by the things I do or I’ve done but by the how many people I impact and the person I’m becoming.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you’ve been created. Esther 4:14 – You’ve got a purpose in life and it’s meant to be shared. I’m so grateful I get a chance to share my love and story with you!